Municipal Court Plea Form

Electronic payment is only allowed for citations that do not require a court appearance.

Do not pay double. No charges will be amended without a personal court appearance with the prosecutor.

Payment must be made in full. Partial payments made online will not be accepted unless you have a formal agreement with the judge for a payment plan.

If your credit card payment is declined for any reason, your case will remain open until you resolve it.

Payments are usually processed within 1 business day but can take up to 3 business days.

If you have lost your citation, you may call the clerk's office at 913-327-6800, during regular business hours, to receive the information you will need to pay online.

Over-payment of fines and fees online payments: Overland Park Municipal Court reserves the right to refund over-payment of fines and fees online payments based on individual case circumstances.

Send questions or comments to Municipal Court or call 913-327-6800 during regular business hours.

Please read the following information before continuing.


, I knowingly and intentionally waive my right to a trial and enter my appearance in the Municipal Court of Overland Park, Kansas.

I am entering a plea of , or to the ordinance violation described on the front of the citation, or as amended by agreement with the prosecutor. In satisfaction thereof I hereby submit the payment specified on this form.

I understand that if I fail to pay the fine in full for whatever reason, or if payment is not approved and received by the date specified on the front of the citation, I am not in compliance with the citation. If I fail to comply with the citation, I understand that I am required to appear before the court on the date specified on the front of this citation. I understand that if I fail to appear I am subject to arrest.

Further, I understand that a plea of Guilty or No Contest will result in a finding of Guilty.

Diversion / Payment Plan Agreements - Please check the box to waive your right to appear and also enter a plea of No Contest to proceed to the payment window. The plea and finding WILL NOT be entered by the court for payments made for these purposes.