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I understand that police reports and other items relevant to pending municipal court cases will be provided to me electronically by the City of Overland Park to comply with discovery obligations under K.S.A. 12-4410, and amendments thereto. I also understand that federal and state laws prohibit further use or disclosure of this information for purposes other than the reasons these reports were disseminated to me. As a condition of accessing these reports online, I understand and agree that I will not further use or disclose the information for any prohibited purpose. I also acknowledge and understand that unauthorized use or disclosure of this information will lead to termination of my right to online access to this information, and may result in civil or criminal penalties.

I further understand that the online reports available to me include only information in the police department's records management system. The reports do not include online access to any audio or video files that may exist, and may not include information that resides in a different application or on a different server. I agree to review the reports available from the records management system and make a supplemental discovery request for any other information that may exist which I determine to be relevant and material.