Construction Inspector, Senior PDS


Team Supervisor, ES Inspections (623)


Planning & Development Services


Engineering Services 6150









JOB SUMMARY STATEMENT: Inspects public improvement street, and storm sewer projects funded by developers in accordance with the approved plans and specifications outlined in the Overland Park Municipal Codes (OPMC) and standards of the Overland Park Public Works Department. Provides inspection for private development construction projects for OPMC requirements and compliance with the final development plan. When assigned team leader job duties, responsibilities also include: Manages and coordinates inspection activities for privately funded public improvements and other construction site related inspections assigned to the Engineering Services Division. Assists in emergency operations, including snow removal, as required, and other duties as assigned. May be assigned responsibility for street lighting inspection.


Inspects street construction including asphalt base, surface and concrete curb and gutter associated with developer- funded projects. Special consideration given to public improvements involved with commercial projects including thoroughfares, turn/accel/decel lanes and collector streets.

Inspects grading operations including compaction, moisture content, stabilization construction and overall site grading. Studies soil and stabilization proctors and visually inspects all aspects of the grading operation.

Inspects public storm sewer construction including bedding material, pipe and RCB installation, precast and cast-in-place structure installation, ditch liners and subsidiary items associated with developed-funded projects.

Assists City engineering staff in the review of developer-funded public improvement plans and specifications relative to constructability issues.

Inspects and verifies horizontal and vertical placement of all improvements and all preliminary staking and stringline necessary to construct the improvements using survey equipment and visual observation.

Inspects traffic control associated with residential subdivision projects. Verifies that materials and signage used comply with the plans and city specifications. Verifies initial traffic control is installed prior to commencement of work in the right-of-way. Checks traffic control for maintenance needs.

Maintains a material and testing file for each project. Reviews soil proctors, proposed asphalt and concrete mix designs for permitted use on the project. Periodically gathers material testing results and certifications associated with each project. Reviews for compliance with approved plans and OPMC.

Maintains a construction progress file for each project. Keeps project diary describing the scope of work taking place and lists all project milestones.

Assists construction inspectors with inspection of storm sewer, pavement, grading, erosion control, vertical and horizontal control, structure construction, detention construction and public improvements associated with residential subdivision projects.

Provides inspection for private development sites to ensure compliance with OPMC requirements and the final development plan. This responsibility includes enforcement of OPMC erosion and sediment control requirements for sites except for single family residential lots.

Performs enforcement actions as necessary. Actions to include: rejection of noncompliant material and construction, issuance of notices of violation, and issuance of notices to appear in municipal court.

Participates in emergency operations for the City, including snow removal, as required/requested. Carries out and/or performs other duties as assigned.

May be assigned as a team leader to perform the following duties:

Manages and coordinates inspection activities assigned to the Engineering Services Division. This includes privately funded public improvement projects, private storm sewer systems, stormwater detention ponds, private site development projects, residential subdivision grading, conformance with residential plot plans, floodplain activities, and enforcement of erosion and sediment control requirements.

Provides assessment and input into performance reviews, promotions and disciplinary actions. Approves overtime, vacations and leave.

Trains personnel in general work procedures and assesses skills to aid in development. Recommends training needs for inspectors assigned to the inspection team.

Assists in responding to citizen inquiries and complaints pertaining to the projects being inspected by Engineering Services.

Acts as first contact for contractors appealing the requirements established by other inspectors within the team. When necessary, makes recommendations to the Manager, Engineering Services for resolving these appeals.

Assists with preparing the Engineering Services Construction Inspector's winter training program.

Recommends changes to procedures and policies that will enhance the inspection program and improve coordination with other Divisions and Departments.

Works with the Plan Review Engineering Staff to enhance the plan review process.

When assigned the primary responsibility of street lighting inspection:

Conducts site inspections of street lighting installations for all developer-funded projects. Inspections for public improvement projects are more rigorous than lighting installations that will be privately maintained. All phases of construction are visually inspected for compliance with specifications, safety and National Electric Code (NEC). Visually inspects entire construction area for final acceptance of the public improvement street lighting projects.

Conducts site visits to ensure compliance with specifications, safety and NEC. Inspects street light control centers for safety and NEC specifications. Creates “as built” plans by documentation of completed work or modifications of work made in the field.

Visits work site. Verifies and adjusts contractor's paint marking and staking for street light equipment locations on developer-funded public improvement projects. Meets with contractor and engineer to discuss project schedule and potential problems.

Using various hand tools, makes minor repairs to street light equipment as needed.

The employee must work the days and hours necessary to perform all assigned responsibilities and tasks. Must be available (especially during regular business hours or shifts) to communicate with subordinates, supervisors, customers, vendors and any other persons or organizations with which interaction is required to accomplish work and employer goals.

The employee must be punctual and timely in meeting all requirements of performance, including, but not limited to, attendance standards and work deadlines; beginning and ending assignments on time; and scheduled work breaks, where applicable.



High School Diploma or equivalent. Associate's degree in civil engineering technology or related field preferred. Possession of an appropriate valid driver's license. Must maintain insurable driving record. Must have or obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL) within 12 months of employment with the City.

Must have the following certifications within 12 months of employment with the City:

Minimum of Eight (8) hours in specialized training in erosion and sediment control.

American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Inspector Certificate, completion of Midwest Concrete Industry Board (MCIB) course in Basic Course in Concrete Technology, or equivalent training.

International Municipal Signal (IMSA) Work Zone Traffic Control/Safety Certification (or equivalent certification).

KDOT LPA Certification, APWA Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector certification, or equivalent certification as determined by Departmental Requirements.

International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) Roadway Lighting I certification (or equivalent certification) if assigned to public street lighting projects.


Six years of experience in construction inspection, surveying, material testing, or construction experience with projects including public improvements, or an equivalent level of experience. If assigned the responsibilities of street lighting inspector, must have a minimum of two years experience in street lighting inspection or construction.


Manual dexterity

Basic math skills

Reading and interpreting of construction plans and blueprints


Good oral and written communication skills

PC skills



Mechanical aptitude

Alpha and numeric recognition

Diplomacy and judgment

Ability to work under distracting conditions

Ability to read, comprehend and apply City codes and regulations to ensure compliance

Ability to assess situation and use judgement in responding

Logical reasoning

Mathematical aptitude

Analytical skills

Ability to work independently

Ability to adapt to changing environment


Hand and eye coordination adequate for computer data entry

Visual stamina and acuity adequate to accurately operate surveying equipment, calculator and concrete testing equipment

Ability to visually review engineering plans and reports

Ability to travel and tour work sites within the City in adverse environmental conditions to include but not limited to construction sites and interior and exterior building inspections

Ability to operate City vehicles

Visual acuity to examine construction materials and finished structures

Ability to adjust to temperature extremes

Visual stamina and acuity adequate to ascertain measurements

Climbing down inlets and visually inspecting storm sewer pipes

Ability to make and receive phone calls

Ability to withstand exposure to high noise levels, dust, and dirt with appropriate protective gear

Exposure to high voltage electrical currents (applicable to street lighting inspection only)

Ability to distinguish colors (applicable to street lighting inspection only)




The preceding job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job.