Crime Analyst


Supervisor, Crime Analysis (270)


Police Department


Special Services Bureau 2210









JOB SUMMARY STATEMENT: Performs the following four types of crime analysis: tactical, strategic, administrative, and intelligence. Performs in-depth, systematic, analytical processes to provide timely and pertinent information regarding crime patterns, crime trends and crime series. Collects, analyzes, presents and disseminates information regarding calls for service and self initiated activity by police officers. Assists department staff in the development, implementation, and evaluation of special projects and current department performance.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (In general, irrespective of assignment):

Collects, analyzes and maintains information relating to criminal activity and overall department performance. Analyzes data retrieved from computer searches of internal and external databases, police department reports and various open source documents to identify crime, crime patterns, relationships and trends. Utilizes data to forecast future crime occurrences and develops target profile analyses.

Applies a variety of statistical methodologies & geographical analysis techniques to interpret complex data, and produce and present related reports. Testifies in court as required.

Designs and produces various statistical, analytical and confidential products (reports, maps, spreadsheets, and other documents) using a variety of computer software which may be utilized by department personnel, other law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, governing body, district attorney, local media, and citizens.

Provides direct support for significant investigations and city-wide emergency operations.

Provides direct support for the administrative, strategic and tactical functions of the police department.

Assists in suspect identification and conducts lawful and procedurally correct record checks on individuals, vehicles, licenses, weapons, etc., using various computer systems including the National Crime Information Center, REJIS, Coplink and KCJIS.

Maintains current knowledge of local, regional and national criminal and other law enforcement sensitive activity via the computer websites relating to extremist or terrorist organizations/activities.

Reads and reviews law enforcement sensitive intelligence databases that are extremely confidential. Properly downloads, preserves and protects confidential information within police department guidelines for future case prosecution.

Maintains a working knowledge of rules governing records dissemination outside the department and reporting and classification standards for police reports. Maintains data in secure confidential manner. Reviews department policies to ensure compliance with federal and state guidelines for reporting and disseminating information. Makes recommendations when changes are necessary.

Creates and maintains computerized spreadsheets, databases and other reports related to the tactical, strategic, administrative, and intelligence analysis functions of the department.

Attends and participates in various intra departmental meetings, roll calls, and various metro-wide meetings to share information. Assists in project planning; report preparation and presentation on criminal activity, crime trends and patterns; and conducts liaison with a variety of professional contacts at the local, state and federal levels.

Presents crime and intelligence analysis-related training as necessary.

Assists with preparation of citizen and Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) requests for information on crime trends and/or statistics as they relate to specific areas of the city.

Maintains close working partnerships with various local, national, and international crime and intelligence analysis units, groups and associations to further the development of crime and intelligence analysis within the department. Maintains a high level of proficiency in crime analysis by partnering with local and national professional associations.

The employee must work the days and hours necessary to perform all assigned responsibilities and tasks.

The employee must be punctual and timely in meeting all requirements of performance, including but not limited to attendance standards and work deadlines; beginning and ending assignments on time; and scheduled work breaks, where applicable.


Crime Analyst - Administrative:

Conducts in-depth analysis of all administrative data related to the operation and performance of the Police Department. This includes long range trend analysis, in-depth causal analysis, and future predictability studies of macro level crime data.

Conducts in-depth research into performance standards and comparisons through the execution and analysis of the annual Benchmark Cities survey. This includes compilation of data, the identification of promising benchmark programs, and analysis of their functionality for the Overland Park Police Department.

Prepares and analyzes the City Manager Quarterly Standards of Performance Report, conducting an analysis on the data and advising the administration of opportunities for improvement.

Compiles and analyzes monthly data for the preparation of the monthly Accountability Based Strategic Operations Plan (ABSTRAT) report for the COMPSTAT Meetings, analyzes crime trends and patterns to identify and assist in the development of informational updates, and recommended problem solving and deployment strategies for consideration by command level decision makers.

Assists in development of macro level information related to crime trends and directions designed to assist the Chief and Deputy Chiefs with formation of future Departmental policy and action plans.

Acts as liaison to state and national agencies to ensure vital criminal statistics are accurately reported.

Conducts and executes demographic and population based studies as directed by the Chief and Deputy Chiefs.

Crime Analyst - Tactical / Strategic:

Conducts ongoing tactical and strategic analysis of crime trends/series, criminal activity, and ongoing criminal enterprise locations. Prepares crime information bulletins for dissemination within the department and to area law enforcement agencies.

Provides tactical and strategic crime analysis to mid-level and field commanders for strategic deployment of police resources.

Works closely with field commanders to develop specific analysis on crime trends and criminal enterprises, often assisting in the development of suspect lists and recommended courses of action.

Compiles data for requested meetings like the bi-monthly A.R.E.A. meetings.

Gathers information from federal, state, and city entities as it pertains to strategic information.

Reviews outside agency emails and bulletins, extracts information relevant to our agency and determines how the information fits together. Analyzes and shares the finished product within the department and with local partners.

Research available databases and websites as requested and as necessary.

Works directly with members of all Divisions to assist with their criminal investigations and criminal interdiction efforts.

Crime Analyst - Tactical / Intelligence:

Works directly with members of all Divisions to assist with their criminal investigations and interdiction efforts.

Accesses external databases such as websites, chat rooms, and blogs for the purpose of criminal investigations and criminal activity detection occurring in the public electronic domain.

Create bulletins on active persons of interest or crime trends/series, as requested and as deemed necessary for a supervisor.

Searches databases for possible stolen property listed for sale, and works with investigative resources to establish criminal cases.

Searches hate crime related databases for the purpose of determining potential criminal activity arising from hate organizations in our area.

Reviews government sponsored databases to identify active and ongoing terrorists' notifications and subsequent information.

Searches websites which publish information regarding illegal juvenile activity, threats, etc.

Collects information to assist with criminal prosecution, and analyzes related criminal trends and criminal developments.

Produces link analysis and relationship based analysis for the purpose of criminal investigations.



High school graduation or possession of GED Certificate.

Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, Criminology, Public Administration or related field preferred.

Must successfully pass polygraph and police background check prior to employment.

Access to the Kansas Criminal Justice Information System (KCJIS) is required, so the following KCJIS requirements apply:

Must be at least 18 years of age

Must have not been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor.


1 year of experience in analyzing data and developing charts, graphs, and reports, or two years of general experience in a law enforcement field.


Strong analytical skills.

Attention to detail.

Strong Computer skills

Human relations/interpersonal skills.

Good written and oral communications skills.

Good reading skills.

Good listening skills.

Project management skills.

Time management skills.


Ability to read and comprehend city, state, and federal policies and regulations.

Ability to read and understand police files and codes.

Ability to organize computerized files and retrieve data effectively.

Alpha and numeric recognition.

Diplomacy and judgment.

Ability to prioritize multiple tasks.

Ability to work independently.

Ability to work in hectic environment with many interruptions.

Ability to analyze and recommend possible solutions.

Ability to carry out assignments through oral and written instructions.

Ability to recognize and protect confidential information.

Ability to understand and operate various computer software .

Ability to meet deadlines.


Hand and eye coordination adequate to operate computer and other office equipment

Visual stamina and acuity to review alphanumeric data and to spend extended periods looking at computer screen

Ability to make and receive phone calls

Ability to identify and distinguish colors

Ability to sit and be attentive for extended periods of time



The preceding job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job.