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Director, Public Works/City Engineer (84)


Public Works


Public Works Maintenance 3300









JOB SUMMARY STATEMENT: Leads and manages the Public Works Maintenance Division, which has responsibility for planning and executing minor construction projects, operations, maintenance and repair of all public infrastructure, snow removal, and the maintenance and repair of construction equipment and support vehicles. This senior management and leadership position involves planning, organizing, supervising, and reviewing the programs, goals and objectives of the division. Serves as the department's safety coordinator and is a member on the City's Safety Council and Emergency Management Committee. May serve as the Department Director in his/her absence.


Directs Public Works Maintenance Division and coordinates all activities. Establishes, develops and implements goals, objectives, policies, procedures and priorities. Resolves work problems and interprets administrative policies to subordinates, other departments and the public. Supervises, trains, and evaluates subordinates. Organizes Division and assigns responsibilities to staff members. Provides direction for accomplishment of duties and activities and follows through on staff completion.

Directs the Public Works maintenance program (streets, stormwater and traffic) that is conducted by city crews. Works with the Engineering Division and Traffic Services Division to identify program requirements. Oversees the activities of the work to ensure a coordinated effort in executing the maintenance program.

Has overall responsibility for snow removal operations. Updates program annually to ensure adequacy of snow routes, required equipment, materials, and labor. Activates snow removal plan based on temperature sensing equipment, weather forecast, and past experience. Supervises shop and field operations. Monitors the effectiveness of snow removal operations through inspections of streets. Maintains positive relations with the news media during snow removal operations.

Assists in the planning and execution of the pavement maintenance program. Coordinates program requirements with the Engineering Division. Oversees pavement maintenance executed by City crews. Ensures required equipment is on hand and operational and required supplies and materials are available as needed. Provides information as requested by citizens.

Oversees the operation & maintenance of traffic signal systems, street lighting systems and general installation and maintenance of traffic control and street name signs and pavement markings.

Oversees all stormwater maintenance operations and activities executed by City crews. Provides program direction and guidance. Establishes priorities of effort and allocates resources accordingly.

Provides senior management representation for the Department for City Emergency Management operations. Serves as a member of the City's Emergency Management Committee, representing the Department at the Emergency Operations Center during exercises and emergencies.

Ensures efficient use and maintenance of shop areas, offices, and yard facilities. Develops long-range facility master plan and ensures execution of CIP-funded facility construction projects. Inspects facilities to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Ensures facilities are in compliance with environmental and safety regulations and requirements.

Periodically reviews status of major projects; reviews work-in-progress and completed work.

Responsible for procurement, payment, storage and disbursement of materials, supplies and equipment. Reviews with appropriate staff inventory levels, usage patterns, purchasing, accounting, and problem resolution as required.

Ensures adequacy of work management system to receive, record, and dispatch complaints, service requests and trouble reports. Reviews logs to ensure problems, complaints, and requests are properly logged, relayed to the appropriate personnel for action, and closed out when complete. Provides oversight of the work management system in the division.

Provides oversight of all personnel actions within the division. Interviews and selects new employees, oversees promotion process for current employees, oversees performance review process and recommends salary adjustments; Oversees division training program and takes appropriate disciplinary action as necessary. Approves leave requests of direct reports.

Prepares and administers the division's operating budget. Provides input into the department's maintenance budget. Prepares cost estimates for all operations, maintenance and repair activities, and special projects. Prepares the Department's equipment replacement schedule. Approves invoices submitted for payment.

Oversees selection, procurement, maintenance, and repair of vehicle and equipment fleet. Develops the long-range equipment replacement plan for the Maintenance Division. Reviews preventive maintenance program. Ensures staffing levels are adequate and proper tools and equipment are provided and utilized.

Responds in person, in writing or by phone to inquiries from the general public on questions relating to the activities of the Public Works Maintenance Division. Assigns staff to investigate questions or get involved personally. Keeps council members, City Manager, and Department Director informed as appropriate.

Develops long and short-range schedules for field operations. Conducts field observation of the more complex projects such as bridge construction and traffic signal installations. Approves the use of special equipment for various projects.

Develops specifications for special projects to be done by contract labor. Meets with design professionals to communicate desired results, and to review preliminary plans and specifications. Observes work-in-progress to ensure compliance with bid documents.

May serve as the Department Director in his or her absence.

Safety Coordinator Responsibilities:

The Department Safety Coordinator shall execute and / or ensure that the following roles and responsibilities are performed.

Verifies that employees obey all safety rules and instructions.

Inspects and corrects unsafe conditions or practices. Promotes safety awareness and encourages a proper safety attitude by example.

Inspects work facilities and equipment for proper housekeeping.

Instructs employees how to select the right tool and equipment for the job and how to use them safely.

Reports serious injury/illness and property damage incidents to the Administrator, Safety & Loss Prevention immediately and follows up with an Incident Investigation Report within forty-eight (48) hours. Coordinates first aid or medical attention.

Authorizes employees to use, adjust, alter, and repair equipment in a safe manner and to utilize lockout / tagout procedures as necessary.

Supervises the procurement and distribution of personal protective equipment and verifies that it is kept in good condition.

Recommends appropriate discipline of department employees for violating safe work practices.

Instructs employees in the proper lifting techniques.

Verifies that employees know and understand Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the chemicals that they are working with.

Establishes an annual safety training calendar of programs and training to be presented during safety meetings.

Establishes safety training for interdepartmental operating procedures and standard operating procedures.

Coordinates defensive driving course training for City drivers.

Must be familiar with evacuation procedures and firefighting equipment locations and their proper use.

Safety Council Responsibilities:

Reviews monthly citywide incident summaries. Where appropriate, recommends preventive measures to reduce recurring injuries and accidents.

Reviews all incidents involving city employees to determine whether such incidents were preventable or non-preventable and submits findings and conclusions to the responsible department director.

May participate in the Appeal Process for preventable accidents.

Assists City's safety professional in evaluating Interdepartmental Operating Procedures.

Evaluates supervisor/employee accountability for safety and loss prevention measures.

Accompanies the City safety professional during quarterly safety audits / inspections, and makes recommendations.

Encourages and reviews all safety suggestions submitted to the City's safety professional. Acknowledges, in writing, all safety suggestions submitted to the Council for consideration along with the outcome of each suggestion.

Participates in safety training to include hazard identification and incident investigation.

Assists safety professionals with coordinating the City's Midyear Safety Event.

The employee must work the days and hours necessary to perform all assigned responsibilities and tasks. Must be available (especially during regular business hours or shifts) to communicate with subordinates, supervisors, customers, vendors and any other persons or organization with which interaction is required to accomplish work and employer goals.

The employee must be punctual and timely in meeting all requirements of performance, including, but not limited to, attendance standards and work deadlines; beginning and ending assignments on time; and scheduled work breaks, where applicable.



Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, Management, Professional Engineer or Project Management Professional desired.

Possession of an appropriate, valid driver's license.

Must maintain an insurable driving record.


Ten years of supervisory experience, or an equivalent level of experience, including project planning in public works programs such as street construction, operations and maintenance, and repair work or related programs.


Leadership skills.

Interpersonal skills.

Organizational skills.

Good oral and written communication skills.

Good listening skills.

Basic math and accounting concepts.

Analytical skills.


Ability to read and comprehend city, state and federal regulations.

Ability to analyze complex problems and recommend possible solutions.

Diplomacy and judgment.

Mechanical aptitude.

Ability to analyze safety situations.

Ability to train and guide others.

Alpha and numeric recognition.

Analytical skills.

Ability to prioritize work.

Ability to work under distracting conditions.

Abstract and logical reasoning.


Ability to make and receive phone calls.

Ability to travel and tour construction in all weather conditions.

Ability to speak to an individual or a group.

Ability to distinguish colors.

Ability to work in extreme temperatures.

Visual acuity in poor lighting conditions.

Ability to climb, kneel, crawl.

Visual stamina and acuity adequate to review alpha/numeric data.

Ability to lift 20 pounds and transport 10 feet.

Ability to operate City vehicles and equipment.



- Public Works Superintendent.

- Engineering Technicians/Engineers.

- Inventory Control Specialist.

- Supervisor, Fleet Maintenance.

- Administrative Assistants.


Other department personnel.

The preceding job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job.