Recording Secretary


City Clerk (195)


Finance Budget & Administration


City Clerk 1530









JOB SUMMARY STATEMENT: Records official meetings of City Council, Special Council, Overland Park Development Corporation, Planning Commission, Standing Council Committees, Investment Committees (MEPP and Fire/Police) and various other committees as required. Prepares meeting rooms for hearings and meetings. Transcribes and maintains permanent records of meetings. Assists with training of new personnel.


Prepares council chamber, conference rooms, or training rooms for meetings as required. Gathers and distributes pencils and supplies. Tests recording equipment. Reviews meeting agenda and prepares for items requiring roll call-vote. Responsible for safeguarding equipment and building security following meetings.

Records City Council, Committees, Planning Commission, Investment Committee, OP Development Corporation (OPDC) and other meetings as directed. Takes notes during meetings to supplement recording. Ensures recording equipment is operating properly. Records the names and addresses of public speakers and those members who introduce and second motions. Takes roll call for attendance and to record votes, as required. Photocopies documents at the request of staff or Governing Body members.

Transcribes meeting minutes of official meetings of City Council, Committees, Planning Commission, Investment Committee, OPDC and other meetings. Listens to recording and identifies voices. Formulates intent of speakers into concise sentences and transcribes statements into computer. Researches and verifies names, addresses and pertinent information through use of community directory. Proofreads minutes, makes corrections and submits to supervisor. Obtains approval and signatures from chairperson for Planning Commission and Committee minutes, and Mayor and City Clerk for Council minutes. Places original in minute book. Distributes meeting minutes electronically to designated personnel and transfers minutes to “Approved Minutes” electronic file for City website.

Tracks the storage process for the audio recordings and maintains a checklist for each set of minutes. Maintains audio recordings of meetings as meetings are transcribed/approved and retention periods are completed. Coordinates with the work team the retention of any meeting recordings requested by the Law Department to be permanently retained.

Prepares and distributes the action sheet on the day after regular City Council and Planning Commission meetings. Defines the action taken by governing body on each item. Provides same information to the local news media via email.

Prepares verbatim transcripts as requested by Law Department. Also prepares excerpts and attested copies as requested by staff and Councilmembers. Submits to supervisor for proofing, makes corrections and distributes copies as instructed by supervisor.

Performs a variety of miscellaneous duties related to position. Researches meeting minutes as requested by citizens and staff. Files original minutes, action sheets, agendas, roll call forms, verbatims and other documents. Advises supervisor of equipment problems. Performs the annual purging of various hard copies and electronic documents.

Annually updates the Standard Operating Procedures document and maintains electronic resource folders for the Recording Secretary team.

Assists in training of new recording secretary personnel. Provides backup assistance to other recording secretaries, as required.

May proofread and edit minutes for other recording secretary staff. Review the spelling, grammar and content of minutes for accuracy.

Participates in Department Strategic Planning process by serving on Department task forces and committees.

Serves on City phone bank during Emergency Operations.

This is a telecommuting position. The employee coordinates their schedule to work the days and hours necessary to perform all assigned responsibilities and tasks. Must be available during set schedule to communicate with subordinates, supervisors, customers, vendors and any other persons or organization with whom interaction is required to accomplish work and employer goals. The employee works from the office area one day per week and coordinates attendance based on responsibilities, i.e., meeting assignments, and task force, committee and department meetings.

The employee must be punctual and timely in meeting all requirements of performance, including, but not limited to, attendance standards and work deadlines; beginning and ending assignments on time; and scheduled work breaks, where applicable. Work schedule is flexed to accommodate evening meetings which are part of the normal job duties.



Basic education with additional courses in shorthand or speedwriting, personal computers and secretarial science, or additional equivalent experience.


Five or more years of experience as a secretary which involved the taking and transcribing of dictation, or an equivalent level of experience.


Good listening skills.

Good oral and written communication skills.

Reading and comprehension.

Personal computer.

Manual dexterity.

Excellent shorthand/speedwriting skills.


Ability to read and comprehend city issues.

Ability to organize files and retrieve data effectively.

Alpha and numeric data interpretation.



Understanding of computer programs, i.e., Word and Google Email and Google Sheets.

Ability to work independently.

Ability to carry out assignments through oral and written (email) instructions.

Ability to proofread documents and recognize grammatical errors.


Ability to use recording equipment, FTR Gold Recording and Playback Software, personal computer, copier.

Hand and eye coordination adequate to transcribe data into the computer.

Visual stamina and acuity adequate to review alpha/numeric data and to spend long periods working on a computer screen.

Mobility to attend meetings in council chambers, conference rooms, justice center and community center.

Ability to speak clearly and distinctly during a hearing or meeting.

Ability to hear clearly during a hearing or meeting.

Ability to sit and be attentive for extended periods of time.

Ability to lift 10 pounds and transport 10 feet.



The preceding job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory.