This map shows you the locations of the City of Overland Park snow plow/treatment trucks. You can zoom the map using your mouse or the + / - buttons in the upper right corner. You may pan (move east/west and north/south) the map by clicking and dragging with your mouse.

To zoom to an address or intersection, type in the Zoom to Address box and select from the matching list. If you browser supports it, you will also have a Find Me button you may click to zoom to your location. You will be required to allow this site to access your location. The accuracy of this functionality varies by device and network. A pin will drop at the returned location, and a yellow circle will be drawn around the pin to indicate the accuracy. The bigger the circle, the less accurate the location attempt was.

When the map first loads, it shows thoroughfares and collectors, which are plowed first. Residential streets display when the map is zoomed in to 1 km / .6 mi on the scale in the lower left.

Plow or Treat Layers: At times, only treat will be available. The top bar will contain a note that crews are treating streets. Treating is typically done prior to a storm. It typically continues throughout a storm, as treating can be done while plowing. When crews have started plowing, two buttons will appear, Plow and Treat. Plow will be shown by default. The two treatments cannot be mapped simultaneously. The button for the visible information is blue and has and checkmark icon. The other button will be white with a ban icon if available or gray if not available.

The following information can be turned on or off using the Show or Hide menu: